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3 Steps to Choose Your Right Road Marking Machine

Looking for high quality road marking machine?

Are there too many road marking equipments to choose from?

Are there number of important points to consider?

Now don't worry, it only needs 3 steps!

If you get a road marking project, but not familiar with the road marking industry, please contact us, tell us the area type you will work, which paints you will use, and the marking efficiency, leave your name, email and message to us, we will give you the Free Professional Road Marking Solution in 24 hours. Or you can read the following content to learn more about road marking industry and choose the right road marking equipment.

Step 1: Area type you will work?

Different area types need different road marking equipments. The right road marking machine will not only improve marking construction efficiency but also reduce the marking construction budget. Now you need to figure out the area type you will work. Such as highways, city areas, air-ports& runways, parking lots, factory floor, etc.

Take air-ports for example, most air-ports need to mark large areas, which mean that the capacity and efficiency of your road marking machine are key factors. In most airports the marking of runways is done by cold paint or cold paint airless application without use of glass beads. A few air-ports use thermoplastic for their markings and some air-ports also use glass beads. Naturally we also have machines available to accommodate these requirements.

Step 2: Which paint do you use?

In different countries or regions, there are different standards of road marking paints. Currently, commonly used traffic paints are divided into three types: thermoplastic paint, cold paint and two-component paint. Different type of paints should be matched with different marking device during construction.

Accordingly, road marking equipment is also divided into three categories, such as thermoplastic road marking machine, cold paint road marking machine and two-component road marking machine. Figure out what paints you will use then we will help you find the machine which is most suitable for you.

Step 3: Road marking construction efficiency

Choose a road marking machine of different efficiency according to the scale and duration of the marking project. According to the construction efficiency, we divide our road marking machines into three types: driving type, self propelled type and hand-push type.

To improve the marking construction efficiency and quality of road lines marking, you can also use some road marking auxiliary equipment, such as thermoplastic pre-heater, road marking remover, pre-marking machine, primer sprayer,wind force road cleaner and so on.

The above three steps will help you pick out the right road marking machine almost. In addition, if you have special requirements for lines type and width, please contact us and send your request to our sales engineers. As the professional manufacturer of road marking equipment, Yuanhong will provide you with the best solution.


Professional Training

Winfar is launching a specialized training video to help the road marking industry meet the need for well-trained staff to ensure better profitability and higher quality.

The course is an additional service from Winfar who already offers on-site training with each new machine that is sold.

Learn more about Winfar road marking training.

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