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Cold paint road marking machine product structure

Apr 12,2018

  cold paint road marking machine product structure:

1.Plunger pump body: adopts the whole oil invading type to moisten the oil, the hydraulic power, reduces the wear, the service life may be up to 40,000 hours.

2.Gasket: carefully designed and cast with imported materials from the United States, ultra-wear-resistant, whether in winter or summer, can be used freely, acid and alkali resistance, fatigue resistance.

The replacement is simple and convenient.

3.Suction pipe network: vertical body, suction pipe easy to clean, one person can move independently, easy to operate and construct.

Stainless steel processing corrosion resistance, the inner wall does not fall off, do not plug.

The suction filter solves the problem of the small liquid level and easy clogging, increases the area of liquid intake, reduces the space, and increases the filter net built in.

4.Valve body: the inlet valve and the outlet valve adopt the ball type porcelain bead super wear-resistant, more than the traditional steel ball more than tens of times the lifespan, constantly face, do not sit.

5.Frame: the vertical design is compact and practical, detachable, the frame can be easily wound 30 meters high-pressure hose, the overall equipment is easy to take care of.

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