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Stable and durable road marking machine

May 23,2018

  There are two types of road marking machines: cold spraying and hot melting. The cold spraying operation is convenient, the construction is fast, and it can be continuously and quickly constructed. It is increasingly favored by users. The hot-melt type should be equipped with hot-melt high-temperature furnaces and other auxiliary facilities. During the construction, the materials must be taken intermittently from the hot-melt high-temperature furnace. The construction speed is very slow, the operation convenience is not enough and the efficiency is low, but the film formation is thick at one time. The cold spray series has an efficient, fast type that can be driven, and it can be used on freeways or general highways. Longer distances can be easily and quickly constructed. Cold spray push-type can be used for general highway small and medium-sized projects. Cold spray simple push type can be applied to the construction of small projects in the basement or basement.

  Durable machinery, stable quality, easy to install, beautiful appearance, reasonable mechanical principles, flexible movement, easy operation and other characteristics, can meet the different requirements of users

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