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Hot melt road marking machine features

Jun 23,2018

Hot melt road marking machine features:

1. Engine: or LPG Engine

2. Scribe bucket: Imported high temperature (2000 °C), impact resistance, wear resistance, high strength steel welded hopper, operability, sealing, sensing, stability better; knife base for the import of heat , wear-resistant, anti-oxidation alloy steel scraping structure, solid structure, anti-drip, the marking line head more homogeneous. The floor knife is imported hard tungsten alloy cutter head, which is anti-stick and wear-resistant. The edge of the marked marking line is smoothly aligned. The standard configuration of the bucket is 150mm (the remaining size can be configured according to user requirements).

3. Paint bucket: stainless steel or cold rolled anti-oxidation steel heat preservation heating barrel, equipped with upright blade manual stirring device, barrel capacity 65 liters. The heating temperature can be freely controlled (0-230°C) according to the user's selected marking paint type.

4. Marking line width and thickness: According to the project need to replace different specifications (100,150,200,300mm) of the scoop; thickness can be adjusted by the landing knife within the specified range (1.5-2.5mm) free to determine.

5. Heating method: The use of diesel or gasoline jet combustion heating, compared with gas heating, can save more than 50% of fuel. With petrol tank capacity: 8 L.

6. Drive system: The original imported hydraulic stepless transmission system (HTS) with automatic brake and forward, backward and stop can be operated flexibly.

7. Drive speed: forward 0-4km/h; back 0-3.2km/h.

8. Larger gradeability: 15 degrees.

9. Glass bead storage box: With a window storage box, it can timely find out the amount of glass beads stored in the box, with a capacity of 14 liters.

10. Glass Bead Dispenser: A variable-volume automatic quantifying spreader that synchronizes with the marking paint scraping system to ensure that the bead is more uniform and more economical.

11. Chassis: Sturdy welded frame, chrome-plated or high-temperature spray-applied surface. Configure high-speed imported bearings to ensure that the entire hot-melt marking machine is lighter and more flexible.

12. Rear tail wheel orienter: The rear tail wheel orienter can be locked to ensure that the hot-melt striper can be oriented in a straight line or bend freely.

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