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0 Feedback About Winfar's Thermoplastic Preheater Pot Leakage in Past 6 Years(1152 Sets)

Jul 27,2016

As we all know, Winfar Traffic is the manufacturing and trading combo for Road Marking Machines in China. We produce high quality products, and we have professional sales teams. A total of 1152 sets of hot melt kettles have been sold to the global market in the past 6 years, and 0 customer feedback about the bottom of thermoplastic preheater leakage road marking materials.

Many line marking constractors in the pavement making industry are clearly that, the most troubling failure is burning through the bottom of thermoplastic preheater. It not only makes the line marking contractor was unable to continue to work, the most important is the maintenance cost is very high, almost more than half of the new hot melt kettle prices.

Why are the bottom of Winfar Traffic's thermoplastic so durable?
1. Material: 10mm thick high carbon alloy
Advantages: heat transfer faster, greatly shorten the melting time, not easily to be deformed and will not be burned through even long-term heat.

Other Suppliers thermoplastic preheater bottom Material: stamped by 5-6mm thick ordinary steel plate
Disadvantages: poor heat conduction performance and low thermal efficiency. The pot will be severely deformed even burned through after a short-term use.

2. Structure: Adopted suspended welding installation, pot bottom doesn't need strut
Advantages: load and heat evenly,not easy to deforme, and prevent burning through the pot bottom

Other suppliers: Welding strut on the pot bottom to support the full cylinder
Disadvantages: easily to deforme even burn through after a period of use, once this happened, replace the bottom of the pot is the only and costly solution.


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