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How Can We Ensure the Quality of Road Marking Machines

Sep 08,2016

Since Winfar Transport was founded, we constantly strive to produce higher-quality road marking equipment.

At the beginning, we copied and learned from the leading road marking machine company. But in difference, both the raw materials and the spare parts, we all choosed more higher than other road marking machine manufacturers. We thought so that we can make high-quality products, in fact the appearance looks pretty good. But, unfortunately, the customer feedback over there is always this or that small problems.
Later, we suggected customers to give us advises about how to produce higher quality road line marking machines. Whether they have used or not used Winfar Transport road marking equipments, we asked their comments about our design, structure, material, function and other different aspects. According to our customers feedback, we even adjusted the datails of our products once a week. So that our road marking machines become safer, more durable, more efficient, and has been recognized by China customers.

As the company grew, more and more Winfar Transport road marking equipments exported to other countries, to compete with international competitors, quality management are more important. After six months of training, adjustments, we produce strictly in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification standard. Workers training, draw & process design, raw materials & spare parts purchasing, production quality control, continuous improvement, etc. From every process to ensure that road marking machines produced by Winfar Transport are high quality.

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