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Road Marking Machines

Oct 25,2016


road marking machine is widely used in roads, highways, parking lots, squares and runways to mark different guidelines and warning signs and other limit signs. Because of its rapid, efficient, accurate and other advantages, road marking machines play a great role in urban planning and highway construction, the greatest degree of saving construction time and economic input.

2.Road Marking Machine Accessories and Other Functions:

(1)Marking With: international standard is 15cm,considering road marking machines may be used in parking lot, residential and other venues, the road marking hopper should be ajustable, which will help to rational use and save paint.


(2)Paint Types: solvent-based and water-soluble are commonly used paint.
(3)Hand-Held spray gun: in addition to allows you to freely use the spray gun mark a variety of symbols, it can also work in the ground outside the walls, columns and other places. Hand-held spray gun has gradually become the standard configuration of all kinds of road marking machines.
(4)Glass Beads Dispenser:road maintenance company also consider the allocation of glass beads spread system as a standard configuration. Winfar road marking machines designed with glass beads dispenser, marking the construction of fully meet the state requirements.

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