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Russian Customers Set Up New A Cooperation About New Road Marking Machine

Nov 25,2016

On November 23rd, one of the largest distributors in Russia Mr. S came to visit us.

Mr. S contacted us through our website on July. Sales Manager Lynn determined the models which customer need according to the requirements of Mr. S, he was very satisfied and decided to come to visit before the end of November.

During the visiting, Mr. S described the situation in Russia, the development of road construction, the status of industry information, etc. He watched the operation demonstration of Hydraulic Single and Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater, Multi-function Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine, Hand-push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine, Milling-planning type remover, meanwhile, he asked about the details of the machine. Lynn and Cindy detailed explained with professional product knowledge, Mr. S was very satisfied.


Besides, Mr. S was very interested in our new machines such as Hydraulic double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater and self-propelled thermoplastic convex road marking machine, which are the highest allocation and the most competitive price in China. Next, he learned something about Road Marking Hopper and Glass Beads Dispenser, which can be replaced and adjust size.

Finally Mr. S decided to cooperate with us for a long time to develop the Russian market. Before leaving, he gave us Russian dolls, which have the traditional meaning, thanks for all.

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