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YHHF- 1000CⅡHydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater Came Out

Apr 05,2017

After a few months of intense preparation,our new product YHHF- 1000CⅡHydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater is finally coming out.Compared with the ordinary thermoplastic pre-heater, the YHHF-1000CⅡ has following advantages:
① Convenient. It is very convenient for you to add diesel since the diesel station is more than the gas station. 
② Space saving. In normal, a tank of diesel (50L) is enough for a day’s full-load work. But 2 tanks of gas (50kg/tank) for a day at least, and 4 to 6 household type gas tanks (25kg/tank) for a day. It really occupies the room. 
③ Time saving and increase of work efficiency. The machine (YHHF-C1000Ⅱ) consumes 45-50L diesel in a full-load working day, and one tank has 55L diesel and it is enough for a day. But it takes a lot of time to add gas for a gas tank. 
④ Fire stability. When the liquefied gas runs half, the fire shall become small due to insufficient press of liquefied gas tank, thus, time for melting paint shall prolong; and steady-speed oil dropping of the machine (YHHF-C1000Ⅱ) can make combustion more even and fire more stable. 

⑤ Low cost. Price for diesel is stable and low. But price for liquefied gas is unstable, and its price in rural areas is higher for different gas feeding. 
⑥ Wind tube can adjust the wind and offer enough oxygen to make paint burn faster and more thorough and make fire stronger. 

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