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Category of road marking machine---Hot-melt paint construction machine

Apr 17,2017

Hot-melt paint construction machine is a machine with relatively high automation that is gradually adopted in construction with the development of hot-melt paint. Hot-melt paint construction machine is various in category and different in style. It generally can be classified into four types, including paint preheating kettle, manual coating vehicle, large-sized motorized coating vehicle and supporting construction machine.

The duty of paint preheating kettle is to melt powder paint into certain-temperature liquid, and then makes it flow into construction vehicle to carry out construction. Manual coating vehicle has an absolute advantage in construction of hot-melt paint, and approximately 80% paint is used by the vehicle to construct. It is used to mark separation line, zebra crossing, center line and full line as well as disconnected line. 

Large-sized motorized coating vehicle is a hot-melt road marking machine which combines hot-melt kettle and spray equipment. It has advantages of labor saving, high efficiency and strong adaption in construction. 

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