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Road Marking Machine Main Parts

Apr 24,2017

1, Road marking shoe: road marking machine is now the general road marking standard width to 15 cm, but taking into account the marking machine may also use in the parking lot, and community site, at this time should be purchased with a width adjusting function of marking machine, it can reasonably use and save the paint. 1 adjustable range of 5 ~ 15 cm.

2, Paint: road marking machine commonly used in two types of solvent and water soluble. If there is no strict requirement, the two can be used; you can make your business scope extended to the sports field turf, etc...
3, Hand gun: road marking machine using hand to hold the gun in addition to can make you free to use the template spray to draw all kinds of symbols, because it is convenient to move the features can also be in the ground outside the walls, columns, etc.. So hand holding spray gun has now become the standard configuration of various types of machines.
4, Cleaning system: some marking machine is equipped with automatic cleaning system, it can be in after the completion of the knock off work every time, can quickly cleaning piping system, so that you can clean saving a lot of time.
5, Glass bead dispenser: general road maintenance companies to consider the allocation of glass bead spreader systems become standard. This system can control the spraying of glass beads, the marking construction fully meet the national requirements.

6, Curve operation. 1 spare wheel mounted rear marking machine is still some, this wheel can make your construction freely along the curved line. Companies engaged in the sports field and multi curve operations, can consider the purchase of this feature with the crossed machine. Some have already had the function.

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