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Standards of road line marking

May 03,2017

1. First, mark a sample line according to the size of the design drawings, set a control point for every 50M along the line, the part of curve lines using the control point of encryption, set a point for every 10M. These points are the reference points for marking.

2. After mark the reference point, place and fix with the standard rope along the datum point. Making the line smooth in the case of ensuring the size of each reference point. And then draw the baseline, the traffic line part of the dotted line and solid line are based on this baseline.

3. Clean the road after marking the baseline. In order to ensure the construction quality of the road lines, ensure the effective combination of road marking paint and asphalt pavement, if necessary, rinse with water, so that the road is clean and no debris, NOTE: must to be dry before the road construction.

4. Spray the primer to guarantee the adhesion of the lines and the road before marking. At the same time, melt the paint with thermoplastic pre-heater, the heating temperature of the paint must exceed 180℃.

5. Mark lines with a road line marking machine. The melted paint should be poured into the road marking machine barrel, adjust the flow of the crossed machine funnel to ensure that the coating thickness, so that the thickness of the line to meet the design requirements.

6. The road marking machine should be along the baseline with uniform speed, not bending phenomenon. After condensation should be no wrinkles, spots, bubbles, cracks, shedding and no sticky phenomenon on the surface.

7. Road line construction should be arranged during the day, rain, dust, large wind when the temporary stop construction.

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