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India Customers Visit Winfar Factory Purchase Road Marking Machine

May 09,2017

On May 2nd,2017,Mr. A and his customers came to visit Winfar factory.

Mr. A, who lived in India all the year round, has a good network of contacts especially in terms of transport facilities.This time he joined the Shanghai traffic exhibition with his friends.Our sales manmger Miss C has always been in touch with Mr. A. Mr. A decided to visit the factory and look at the road marking machine by the way.

After more than 10 hours of air and train, Mr. A finally arrived at the factory. Although the journey was hard, Mr. A still was not tired.

The technician showed the Self-Propelled Thermoplastic (Convex) Road Marking Machine YHTQ-Z,Primer spraying machine YHDQ-1,Hand-pushed cold paint road marking machine YHLJ-S,Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-Heater YHHF-800 to Mr.A. He was very satisfied, asked the price and hoped to purchase two sample machines, then back to demonstrate to his customers.

At the same time, he thanked us for hospitality and looked forward to to sign the contract as soon as possible.


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