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The Main Points Of Using Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

May 16,2017


1. Clear the road and make sure there is no water, greasy dirt and bulged obstacles.

2. Make preparation before construction, accurately measure the direction for lines to be marked, be accurate when marking lines, and the recheck is needed.

3. Check the machine before construction, especially the below mentioned:

① diesel engine, cool water level, lubricant level, fuel level;

② road line marking machine, spreader (both scraping and spraying can be adjusted according to the needed film’s thickness and line width), glass bead spreader (check to ensure the glass beads are even, and enough in quantity, and make sure the pipe is not blocked).

4. Specify constructors’ duties, execute construction records, and the records of it should include: temperature of road and air, relative humidity, weather situation, wind direction and wind power, road type, road situation (type of road material, new and old degree, clean or not), melt temperature of paint, amount of paint use, construction length and area of road, and calculated spreading rate.

5. The spreading scope should be slightly wider than marked line when spreading the base coat, spreading amount is 8m per kilogram, and the hot melt paint can not be started until the solvent wholly volatilizes.

6. Test temperature of air and road at any time. The air temperature must be 3℃ higher than road temperature. You’d better not construct when road temperature is less than 9℃. Temperature of hot melt kettle’s fuel varies with the weather at the time of construction. Make fuel temperature increase when the air temperature is low, in return, make it decrease.

7. Too high temperature of paint in hot melt kettle or construction vehicle is not allowed, it should not be over 220℃! Be careful when constructing if the thermometer of hot melt kettle breaks down.

8. The paint in hot melt kettle should be stir evenly, and should keep the viscosity and temperature that are necessary. Since too high temperature makes paint become too diluted, and hot temperature for long time can make paint discolored. Please do not make paint flow out until it is constantly stirred 10 minutes after being melt. 

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