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The Key Equipment Of Road Marking - Hand Push Road Marking Machine

Jun 04,2017

Use liquefied gas to heat. Stirrer’s two ends can be used to stir. Gas stove can directly heat at the bottom of the paint bucket to make the paint keep at the temperature suitable for marking, so as to mark lines. The product has the advantages of good heat prevention, quick heating, easy and convenient operation, straight marked lines, adjustable thickness and the like, which results in a good function of improving construction efficiency.

Hand-push thermoplastic road marking machine is a key equipment in construction of thermoplastic road marking. By cooperating with the hot melting kettle, it is used to finish marking line construction. This machine is equipped with a high-precision cast iron road marking shoe made in a special way, to ensure the marked lines align in edges and ends, are even in thickness, and are beautiful in appearance. Floor-type knife applies to different roads, and glass beads automatic dispenser is equipped with a speed regulating device, which make the road marking construction high in quality, construction fast, operation flexible, maintenance easy and convenient and so forth.

Performance advantages:

1. Compared with the same products at home and abroad, the product is superior in many cases, such as simple structure, flexible operation, convenient use, tidy and straight lines, and even thickness, etc..

2. The road marking shoe is made of high-precision cast iron by pressure casting. Scraper blade adopts excellent material, which makes it durable and indeformable. The floor-type knife is made of super-hard alloy, and has a design of movable blade. The road marking shoe has one single handrail, and paint forked plate is connected strictly. Good performance of material leakage control extends the life of the shoe.

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