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High-pressure water marking cleaning machine YHCX-G200/400

Jun 12,2017

Water marking cleaning line

It also refers to the high-pressure water marking cleaning line. The high-pressure water marking cleaning machine makes use of high-pressure water flowing power to quickly clean up various road marking lines, such fast construction can be realized depending on the special equipment’s high-pressure water flow and unique supercharged nozzle. Normally, the machine is able to fast and effectively clean off the road marking lines in 15 seconds without dusts and with less noise. It can be said that the machine is a green and non-polluting construction tool.


Application of water marking cleaning line

Water marking cleaning line is often applied to the road to remove the lines marked on the road. Sometimes the position of zebra crossing needs adjusting, so there is need to remove the marked lines. If the chemical products are used to eliminate the lines, which is more likely to damage the road. While using water flow to remove the zebra crossing has less damage to the road, so use of water marking cleaning line is much safer.


Water marking cleaning machine

It is often used to deal with the deconstructed zebra crossing. After long time goes, the zebra crossings on the road will start to occur different defects and thus they are not complete any more, so the safety coefficient needs attention. At that time there are two choices. One is to draw lines once on the basis of the original to cover the previous zebra crossings. But this choice has deficiency because it does not touch the ground completely and has many layers, the previous complete lines could be damaged as well. The other choice is to use the water marking cleaning machine to get rid of residuals on the road, which can increase the life span of the newly-drew zebra crossings and save cost.


Application of the high-pressure water marking cleaning line

In the past, it also could not avoid drawing incorrectly or changing lines when marking lines on the road. If the aforesaid situations happened, the only method for removing it was to let people to deal with it. Without no doubt, the cost of time and energy was much serious, and the cost of labor force also was higher than before.

Now there is a new technology (high-pressure water marking cleaning machine) used to deal with the problem. But it has difficult during the use. Later on, the machine was equipped with nozzle, using the high-pressure water flow sprayed by the nozzle to clean up the road marking lines, which not only can clean up more correctly, but can save time.

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