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Road Marking Shoe

Jul 15,2017

As one of the most important components of the road marking machine, the road marking shoe is mainly used to load paints. As a device for putting paints, its volume has a big influence on the times of paint loading and completion speed. However, another function is always ignored by people. That is the pressure container. It, through the pressure by the air compressor, can turn into a Gas Tank with pressure and become one of the driving forces for the road marking machine to operate. From the Gas Tank perspective, the shoe’s sealing, safety and erosion resistance should be taken into consideration by the customers.

Road marking shoe washing

The shoe must be washed immediately after being used. The paints inside it should be cleaned up in time, which otherwise will affect the next use. Especially the paints with different colors can incur chromatic aberration, which makes the color of the marked lines different.

The common methods used to wash the road marking shoe as follows:

1. high-temperature washing;

2. Washed with Asaclean;

3. If the black spots are hard to wash, either PMMA or clean recycled materials are available to wash.

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