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Glass Beads Dispenser
Glass Beads Dispenser
Glass Beads Dispenser
Glass Beads Dispenser
sku: 45cm

Glass Beads Dispenser

Glass beads dispenser

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1. The main bracket of road marking shoe: ductile iron, more resistant to heat, corrosion and wear-resistant than gray cast iron.

2. The edge of knife: special carbide blade, more wear and prolong life.

3. Rear blade plate: 40-chromium (gifted of steel, spring steel), more resistant to heat and not easily deformed in order to seal and no leakage of material.


1. Precision testing: all of the shoes will have a 24 hours of oil testing before delivery to ensure that no leakage of paint.

2. The knife edge: activity designing, adjust the angle of the road undulating ensure linear beautiful, neat trimming, uniform thickness.

3. Shoe configuration: front and rear heating system, flexibility to adjust the size of the fire according to the outside temperature and the temperature of the coating, maintain optimum construction temperature of coating

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