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YHHF-C1000Ⅱ Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
YHHF-C1000Ⅱ Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
YHHF-C1000Ⅱ Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
YHHF-C1000Ⅱ Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
sku: YHHF-C1000Ⅱ

YHHF-C1000Ⅱ Hydraulic Double Cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater

The hydraulic double cylinder thermoplastic pre-heater is the major equipment used for melting hot melt paint. After four generations of hot melt kettle innovation, Winfar Transport exclusive designed the YHHF-C 1000Ⅱ energy-saving hot melt kettle.Which has both a diesel & LPG heating system and can save at least 15% fuel.

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Diesel engine power

13.2KW(18HP)diesel engine

Diesel engine startup mode

Manual or electric start

Hydraulic motor power


Transmission Model

Hydraulic transmission

Stirring system

Hydraulic stirring system with protective device

Heating Mode

Liquefied petroleum gas or diesel injection burner(adjust according to your requirements)

The number of bottle


Cylinder capacity

500kg*2(20bags thermoplastic paints each bottle)

Cylinder structure


Insulation construction

Three layers of circular heat preservation

Bottom of the pot material

High carbon steel alloy

Thickness of bottom of the pot


Panel material

Stainless steel

Gasoline tank capacity


Heating temperature


Recommended discharge temperature


Machine weight







Wooden box or customers special request,7.8CBM

Delivery Time

Within 3-5 days after receipt of payment


Main Features

YHHF Thermoplastic pre-heater usually can be divided into LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) type, and Diesel burner type, depending on Heating Mode.  According to cylinder capacity, it can also be divided into 2*100L, 2*150L, 2*200L, 2*250L, 2*300L. If you need other type, Winfar Transport can provide customized services.

1. Diesel & LPG burner adjustable 
YHHF-C 1000Ⅱ has both a diesel & LPG heating system, you can choose to use liquefied gas heating or diesel burning according to construction environment.

2. Time saving and higher work efficiency
The machine (YHHF-C 1000Ⅱ) consumes 45-50 L diesel in a full-load working day, and one tank has 55 L diesel and it is enough for a day work.

3. Fire strong, 15% fuel saving
This energy-saving pre-heater with a larger fan, and the wind tube can adjust the wind and offer enough oxygen to make paint burn faster and make fire stronger,  more stable. This will save at least 15% energy than normal type. Fuel is money.

4. Electric starting diesel engine
The diesel engine power is 18 HP, easy to start, strong power, long life.

5. Bottom of the Pot
10mm thick high carbon alloy, heat transfer faster, greatly shorten the melting time; not easily to be deformed and will not be burned through within 5 years.

6. Thermal Insulation
Three-layer fire retardant cotton insulation, each layer is thicker than 5 cm, improves the speed of melting and saving fuel.
Even if the temperature is less than 10 degrees of winter, no need to reheat during lunch time.

7.Import motor and the flange
The hydraulic motor and flange are whole casting, their diameter and thickness are strengthened, weight: 10kg, to ensure that the motor shaft and the stirring shaft work together, will not wear the combined teeth after long time using.

8. Stirring system
Hydraulic stirring system with protective device, heat treatment of stirring shaft, eccentric sleeve device, not easy to deformed for long-term stirring road marking paints.


Packing & Delivery

Size: L*W*H:1900*1850*2200 mm, (7.8 CBM)
Gross Weight:1480kg
Packaging Details:The normal package is wooden box. 
If export to european countries, the wooden box will be fumigated.
If container is too tigher, we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.


Operating Video of YHHF-C1000Ⅱ 

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