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  • Wind Force Road Cleaner

    Wind Force Road Cleaner

    YHCF-60 Wind force road cleaner is the assistant equipment for hot melt and cold paint road marking constructions. It is mainly applied to dust before road marking construction.
  • Steel-Brush Road Marking Remover

    Steel-Brush Road Marking Remover

    YHQS Steel-brush road marking remover is the assistant marking machine before marking construction. It is mainly used to remove dirt, mud, dust and the old cold paint line on the road surface. It will replace the manual cleaning, saving manpower, greatly enhance the construction efficiency.
  • Miling-Planning Type Remover

    Miling-Planning Type Remover

    Miling-planning type remover is small road marking to remove the old thermoplastic marking line. The machine adopts unique function of chip removal and can automatically forward.Fast speed, small vibration, no noise, less damage to the ground are its advantages.
  • High-Pressure Water Marking Cleaning Machine

    High-Pressure Water Marking Cleaning Machine

    High-pressure water marking cleaning machine is a new marking cleaning machine produced by our company based on market demand. The purpose is to reduce labor intensity and pollution of the environment. It can be for a variety of road surfaces and metal processing. It has advantages of high efficiency, stable performance, complete clean, with small damage on the ground.

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